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Software for uploading pictures to Ignis Pixel

Software is compatible with Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 10.

1. Download the latest version of Ignis Pixel Utility 1.6.3 (23 MB, from 26.09.2017)

2. Drivers for Ignis Pixel Utility - for new gen poi, summer 2017 and later. Would be integrated into the next Utility release soon.


If you own old version of Ignis pixel props with white design and yellow power button switch (v1) DON'T upload Firmware right before your performance!
Reserve 3-5 days to contact with our support and solve problem in case of something goes wrong during uploading Firmware.
If something goes wrong, ensure your poi power switch is in OFF position to avoid battery deep discharge.

List of improvements in this version:

  • Added support for new gen models: Ignis Pixel 32 Lite, Ignis Pixel 200 HD.
  • Decreased time for uploading pictures for new models.

Picture sets for digital props

 Don't hesitate to make your own pics and effects. Be creative!

Previous versions of software

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.4.2 (14 MB, from 27.12.2015)

  • Fixed problem in Firmware of new version poi (v2) that caused errors during uploading pictures and Flash Memory

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.4.1 (14 MB, from 21.09.2015)

  • Improved color profiles. Pictures become more contrast and colourful, especially photos.
  • Stretching value can be set digitally with high precision.
  • Insignificant bug fixes for v1 firmware.

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.4.0 (14 MB, from 11.08.2015)

  • Support for new model Ignis Pixel 80 HD.
  • Smooth bicubic interpolation for scaling pictures.
  • All updated firmwares inside - v1 for old models with power button and v2 for new models in black design.
  • Corrected rendering speed to 2600 points per second for all models of pixel props.
  • Corrected precision of time.

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.3.1 (14 MB, from 01.04.2015)

  • Number of pictures increased to 80, number of timelines to 10.
  • Stretching range increased up to 100x - large values are good for making freezelight photo. Smooth logarithmic scale.
  • Now you can upload selected pictures - this feature saves your time during preparing your project.
  • You can apply current parameters (Stretching, brightness) to all pictures.
  • New feature Enhanced colors makes them more realistic.
  • You can prepare project in CSV file using Excel.
  • A number of other small improvements.

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.2.9 (8 MB, from 26.09.2014)

  • Works on any language Windows (previous versions worked only on English or Russian Windows)

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.2.8 (8 MB, from 29.06.2014)

  • Added support of new models Ignis Pixel 160 HD and Ignis Pixel 48 HD

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.2.4 (from 18.04.2014)


  • Project saving
  • Sort pictures in timeline list by dragging them
  • "Upload All" button
  • Improved creating picture from text
  • Charging time reduced by 30%
  • Revised battery indicator and charging indicator
  • 3-level discharge protection (see Manual)
  • Uploading picture by pressing Enter, delete picture by pressing Delete
  • Open picture by dragging image file into mode cell
  • Open file window by double-click
  • Number of other improvements

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.2.3 (from 01.04.2014)

Ignis Pixel Utility 1.2.0 (from 05.03.2014)

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I recently purchased a 2 sets of Digital Poi: The 160 HD LED and the 48HD LED poi! These props are absolutely amazing mind melting epic! The image quality is outstanding :) But what makes Ignis shop really good is their amazing customer service and support. I had a million questions before buying these props and they were all answered almost instantly. Ignis for life ;)

Bruno Kopf, Austria

Buying from Australia and had so many questions. These guys kept me informed about postage, shipping and all other information I could ask for. It shipped quickly and the fire fans I purchased are even more beautiful in real life than what is advertised on their website. They are obviously durable, well made and they are beautiful fire fans. I don't think I'll buy my fire props from anywhere else in the world. Thank you Russia for Ignis!!

Sera-Jane Ghaly, Australia

I ordered LED Ignis Poi - remained extremely satisfied! 84 modes makes each performance truly unique! It is also very pleased with the excellent organized customer feedback by ignis-shop - the status of the order can be found very quickly and in different ways. I'm very glad that I found this store and now I advise it everyone!

Ilya Kashin

Well I took my fan-lotuses :) Just gorgeous! Long dreamed about such geometry, but nowhere found with seven wicks. Guys, thank you very much for realizing my dream!)) Light, beautiful, comfortable, in a word - excellent! We order in your store not the first time, everything has very high quality! Thank you for what you have! Order for a second pair of LED poi is on the approach. Only Ignis!

Natalia Didenko

(These reviews were translated from Russian)

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