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-10%  Digital nunchaku Ignis Pixel 48 HD

Digital nunchaku Ignis Pixel 48 HD

590 $ 990 $
( 29 900 rub. 58 900 rub. )
Price is for pair

Short description

Set of this pois consists of:

- Hardware (LED sticks) - 60 $

- Software - 430 $

LED nunchaku Ignis Pixel 48 HD is world first pixel nunchucks able to draw custom pictures in air. 48 LEDs are mounted as close as possible to each other and create a clear and high-detailed image.

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Full description

We used long Ignis Pixel 160 HD and short Ignis Pixel 48 HD poi in this video.

Description of digital nunchaku Ignis Pixel 48 HD

LED nunchaku Ignis Pixel 48 HD is world first pixel nunchaku able to draw custom pictures in air. 48 LEDs are mounted as close as possible to each other and create a clear and high-detailed image.


You fit these nunchalu if:

  • You are new in nunchaku. You are just sarting to learn nunchaku but want to impress your friends. Ignis Pixel 48 HD will help you to do this. Brightness and density resolution of pictures are so high that attract the audience's attention like a magnet and make them crowding around you. Furthermore, with this model of pixels you can improve your skills of twirling nunchaku. Long-lasting battery will help to spin more and more.
  • You are advanced master of nunchaku. Using different images for different tricks and making them into a sequence, synchronized with the music, you get an incredibly spectacular performance! We believe with these digital nunchaku you'll like twirling even more and you'll improve your skills faster!
  • You earn on nunchaku shows. Ignis Pixel 48 HD become central part of your show and will bring more variety in your performances. With these nunchaku you can hold a maximum of the viewer's attention longer and longer, thereby further increasing your entertainment show. The cost of these nunchaku will pay off in just few shows.

With these pixel nunchaku you’ll get:

  • High images resolution. 48 pixels located maximum close to each other, coupled with the enormous drawing speed 2000 points per second (~ 1000 points per circle) provide extremely high image quality.
  • Brightness, superior fire brightness. Maximum brightness of these nunchaku considerably exceed the brightness of fire nunchaku. Luminous flux from nunchaku approximately equal to the amount of light from incandescent lamps of 200-250W!
  • Set of colorful and juicy pictures. Pictures are painted by professional designer specifically for Ignis Pixel 48.
  • Quick part connection system. You need just few seconds to split nunchaku into two independent parts (see photos).
  • Handles-transformers into poi. You can easily make digital poi from nunchaku. It takes less than a minute.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software. Interface was elaborated and designed for easy operation. Works with any graphics formats and automatically scale the image to size of Ignis Pixel. Allows you to display images as they will appear while twirling pixel nunchaku.
  • Free software updates. Free software updates. We will expand and complement the software with new features. Soon update – interface with uploading soundtrack, visualising waveform, drag-n-drop pictures under it and visually creating and editing timeline of pictures. The same principle as any video editor (Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas etc). Free for you.
  • Build quality. High quality props is one of our main priorities. We are responsible for quality. Every step of production is under thoroughly control.
  • Warranty. 12 months warranty on pixel nunchaku. And 30-day money-back guarantee if these nunchaku don’t fit you.

We deliver worldwide!

Approximate shipping time and price:

Express delivery EMS
Approximate cost1
Shipping time
Europe (any country) US 55$ 5-15 days
USA US 60$ 7-15 days
Japan US 60$ 8-15 days
Australia US 75$ 10-20 days
New Zeland US 75$ 10-20 days

1Cost and shipping times are approximate. The exact cost is calculated automatically on the checkout page.

How to make order? It’s very easy!

  • Start with the "Buy" button on the this page. Next, go to the basket (in the upper right-hand side) and click "Checkout". Then enter your name, address, select delivery method (choose EMS for delivery outside Russia) and payment method (choose PayPal if you are not in Russia) and click on "Confirm order".
  • Our manager will contact you by phone or email to confirm all details.
  • After sending you’ll receive e-mail with tracking code.

Features of LED nunchaku Ignis Pixel 48 HD


Software is compatible with Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.

Download Ignis Pixel Utility 

Software was developed by a team of experienced programmers and has the following advantages:

  • Thoughtful and intuitive interface. Interface parts and details are thoroughly developed and combined, software supports all formats of images in any resolution – all these features makes easy to work with pixel nunchaku.
  • Pictures preview function. You don’t need to upload images many times with different settings and spin nunchaku the front of the mirror, choosing the best option. The preview shows how the picture will look with all the settings:
  • Text function. Allows you to enter any text, choose color, size, font, background color, position of text:
  • Automatic image scaling. Forget about Photoshop and graphic editors and upload pictures and photos of any size into nunchaku, the program will automatically convert them into height of 48 pixels.
  • Select the orientation of the image. You can flip the image and choose the direction of the twirling nunchaku (left or right) by one click - the program changes the image and immediately shows the result in the preview window.
  • Stretching function. Depending on the speed of spinning it is often necessary to adjust the stretching of the image. Just move the slider to do this. The result immediately shows in the preview window.
  • Timer function to create a program of modes synchronized with the music. You can create a sequence of images that will be changed at the certain moments of your audio track.

  • Improvements and upgrades.. We will improve and update the software until we cover all the customer’s needs. You will be able to upgrade the software for free by downloading the latest version from this page.

Download Ignis Pixel Utility 

Specifications of LED nunchaku Ignis Pixel 48 HD

Resolution: 48 pixels height
Rendering speed: 2048 points per second or about 1,000 points per circle (average speed of twirling)
Length of LED part: 14 cm, the LEDs are as close as possible
Length of 1 nunchaku part: 27 cm
Weight of total: 240 g
Case: Shock-resistant 25-mm polycarbonate tube
Power: Built-in Li-Ion battery, capacity 2600 mAh
Working time: Depends on the picture type. For most of them at least an hour. For text on a black background - several hours. For low brightness up to 10 hours.
Charge time: 6 hours from standard USB port
Number of LEDs:: 192 RGB-LEDs (576 single-color light-emitting points)
Operating Power: Up to 26W
Light flux from nunchaku: Light flux equivalent to incandescent lamp of 200-250 watts. We recommend use sunglasses for spinning at maximum brightness. (It’s not a joke)

The price is for a complete set, which includes:

Additional info

Props kind Nunchucks
Props type Led electro
Brightness Superbright (brighter than fire)
Manufacturer Ignis
Warranty 24 months

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I recently purchased a 2 sets of Digital Poi: The 160 HD LED and the 48HD LED poi! These props are absolutely amazing mind melting epic! The image quality is outstanding :) But what makes Ignis shop really good is their amazing customer service and support. I had a million questions before buying these props and they were all answered almost instantly. Ignis for life ;)

Bruno Kopf, Austria

Buying from Australia and had so many questions. These guys kept me informed about postage, shipping and all other information I could ask for. It shipped quickly and the fire fans I purchased are even more beautiful in real life than what is advertised on their website. They are obviously durable, well made and they are beautiful fire fans. I don't think I'll buy my fire props from anywhere else in the world. Thank you Russia for Ignis!!

Sera-Jane Ghaly, Australia

I ordered LED Ignis Poi - remained extremely satisfied! 84 modes makes each performance truly unique! It is also very pleased with the excellent organized customer feedback by ignis-shop - the status of the order can be found very quickly and in different ways. I'm very glad that I found this store and now I advise it everyone!

Ilya Kashin

Well I took my fan-lotuses :) Just gorgeous! Long dreamed about such geometry, but nowhere found with seven wicks. Guys, thank you very much for realizing my dream!)) Light, beautiful, comfortable, in a word - excellent! We order in your store not the first time, everything has very high quality! Thank you for what you have! Order for a second pair of LED poi is on the approach. Only Ignis!

Natalia Didenko

(These reviews were translated from Russian)

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