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 Controller Ignis LED

Controller Ignis LED

( 1 000 rub. )
Price is for one

Short description

Multimode LED poi Ignis Poi can surely be called the brightest and most functional poi of all that exist in the world! More than 80 colorful modes and very high brightness, compared to the brightness of fire poi, confirm this! Using Ignis Poi you can make colorful, unique, and the same bright show, as fire-show, but indoors and without fire, making an unforgettable impression on the audience!


Demonstration of brightness Ignis Poi Snake

Shooting was made using professional video equipment. This video shows the effect which corresponds to the visual impression of real observation the props.

Full description

This video presents Ignis Poi, Ignis Poi Snake (long in the middle of the video), Ignis Poi Tiny (short poi at the end of the video). Video was filmed with a strong dimming to reveal real colors of modes (otherwise all the colors looks like white). In real, Ignis Poi are much more bright, compared to the brightness of fire poi (see previous video).

Description of LED poi Ignis Poi

Multimode LED poi Ignis Poi can surely be called the brightest and most functional poi of all that exist in the world! More than 80 colorful modes and very high brightness, compared to the brightness of fire poi, confirm this! Using Ignis Poi you can make colorful, unique, and the same bright show, as fire-show, but indoors and without fire, making an unforgettable impression on the audience!

The price is for a complete set, which includes:

  • Two wicks Ignis Poi with silicone cover "Hedgehog-style"
  • Nylon cord and nylon loops with bearing swivels # 7
  • Set of 7 lithium batteries
  • Charger
  • User manual
Length of the wick: 17 cm
Shock resistant polycarbonate tube 25 mm
Weight of one wick: 100-105 g (including batteries and silicon cover Hedgehog-style)
Power: 3 Li-Ion batteries for each poi. Please note: this is NOT regular batteries, and they are not sold in stores.
Run time: From 40 minutes for 100% white mode (maximum brightness) up to 20 hours for strobe modes

Case of poi is hand-covered with silicone cover Hedgehog-style:

  • The soft silicone is a good protection against bruises and makes the spiral of more pleasant
  • The extra weight gives you more control over the poi during spinning
  • Transparent silicone scatters the light which softens "eye-burning" effect, and creates the impression of a brighter glow
  • Soft silicone "spikes" provide a striking effect of attraction from other people - everyone wants to take poi in hands (proven by practice =)) 

LEDs are arranged to form four lines :

  • 36 multi-color RGB LEDs give up to 108 single-color LEDs for each poi
  • The power of each poi in 100% white mode is 8 W, which gives the light flux from a pair of poi as from incandescent bulbs 120-150W

Ignis Poi contain more than 80 modes:

Photos of all the modes:

Mode controls

Modes are controlled by single button. After 5 minutes of playing with Ignis Poi you will see that it is convenient and easy. LED indication tells you how long hold the button for the desired actions:

Next mode in current series / On Short press (less than 0.2 sec)
Previous mode in current series Pressing a short delay (0.2-0.5 s), release after blue flash
Go to the next series Press with a middle delay (more than 0.5 seconds), release after the green flash
Off Long press (more than 1.2 seconds), release after double red flashes

Advantages of microprocessor Ignis LED

LED poi Ignis Poi running on the microprocessor Ignis LED, which is specially designed by our team of LED props and, in comparison with most foreign counterparts, has the following advantages:

  • The list of modes is specially designed for spinning. Frequencies of modes and color changes were thoroughly selected and carefully designed for spinning.
  • System of switching consists of a single button, which allows you to control poi by touch. Color-coded indication of pressing time allows you to make the desired action (see table above).
  • Handy light indication of series with preview mode makes it easy to navigate in a variety of modes (see the list of all modes). Searching for the right mode takes only few seconds.
  • Demo mode consists of 12 colorful modes that change every 10 seconds. Using demo mode you can arrange a spectacular freestyle performances with your lovely music.
  • Microprocessor "remembers" the last mode before turning off. This allows you to pre-select the mode before the performance and light up your poi on the stage at the right time to the music, hitting the audience by impressive brightness of poi.
  • Color of modes are not limited by seven basic colors. There are colors like orange, pink, yellow-green, aqua, etc. The total number of colors is more than a million.
  • The frequency of the microprocessor 20 MHz. It is high enough for modes and smooth color transitions look natural, but not as individual dots and stripes. This allows to give high quality true colors even during high-speed spinning. Technically speaking, the PWM colors and gradients works at 300 kHz, which is ten times higher than many other controllers.
  • Microprocessor is not afraid of short breaks of power supply, which can occur during hard hits and inpacts.
  • When the impact occurs during operation poi, the mode does not change. Microprocessor "remembers" the current mode.
  • If there was a strike at the switched off poi, they do not turn on automatically (you’ll see only brief white flash, signaling that the power supply was restored).
  • All of the above is true for a long shutdown power supply - for example, when removing batteries.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the mode or more features of microcontroller, please contact us.


Инструкция по эксплуатации (pdf)

Additional info

Props type Led electro
Manufacturer Ignis
Warranty None
Контроллер Ignis LED

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I recently purchased a 2 sets of Digital Poi: The 160 HD LED and the 48HD LED poi! These props are absolutely amazing mind melting epic! The image quality is outstanding :) But what makes Ignis shop really good is their amazing customer service and support. I had a million questions before buying these props and they were all answered almost instantly. Ignis for life ;)

Bruno Kopf, Austria

Buying from Australia and had so many questions. These guys kept me informed about postage, shipping and all other information I could ask for. It shipped quickly and the fire fans I purchased are even more beautiful in real life than what is advertised on their website. They are obviously durable, well made and they are beautiful fire fans. I don't think I'll buy my fire props from anywhere else in the world. Thank you Russia for Ignis!!

Sera-Jane Ghaly, Australia

I ordered LED Ignis Poi - remained extremely satisfied! 84 modes makes each performance truly unique! It is also very pleased with the excellent organized customer feedback by ignis-shop - the status of the order can be found very quickly and in different ways. I'm very glad that I found this store and now I advise it everyone!

Ilya Kashin

Well I took my fan-lotuses :) Just gorgeous! Long dreamed about such geometry, but nowhere found with seven wicks. Guys, thank you very much for realizing my dream!)) Light, beautiful, comfortable, in a word - excellent! We order in your store not the first time, everything has very high quality! Thank you for what you have! Order for a second pair of LED poi is on the approach. Only Ignis!

Natalia Didenko

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