Sale of pixel props - LED poi for free for everyone!

БлогSale of pixel props - LED poi for free for everyone!

Опубликовано 27.05.2014, автор Ignis

Summer pixel super-offer!

Dear friends! 

Before summer begins with bright and rich colors, we want to please you with good deal!

Only until the end of May when purchasing any model of digital poi Ignis Pixel you get a gift - our best models of LED poi for free!

When buying top model of digital poi Ignis Pixel 80 you get a gift - most popular and our best model of superbright LED poi - Ignis Poi!


When buying middle model of digital poi Ignis Pixel 48 - we'll give you for free multi-color LED poi RGB-2 in maximum configuration.


If before the end of May you order short model of digital poi Ignis Pixel 32, you get a gift - our small full-color multimode LED Ignis Poi Tiny!

Hurry up to get a deal! Offer is limited by availability of digital poi in stock! We will send orders in order of payment. For those, who be late and do not get pixels from current stock, will have to wait a few weeks until we produce next batch of digital poi.

To participate this offer you need:

  • Make an order from this webstore until 23:59, May 31.
  • Write in order comments "LED poi as a gift!"
  • Proceed payment by PayPal before June 7.

Order now Ignis Pixel and get LED poi for free!


If you are not familiar with our digital poi, here briefly about their differences:

Ignis Pixel 80 - our top model and record holder of digital poi. Highest resolution of 80 pixels is out of competition and allows you to draw in the air photos with faces of people who are easili recognized by the audience! The level of brightness considerably exceed the brightness of fire poi!

Ignis Pixel 48 is a simplified model relative to Ignis Pixel 80. This is full-size digital poi with standard resolution of 48 pixels and full functionality. The distance between the LEDs is 2 mm that allows you to create image with sufficient detail resolution.

Ignis Pixel 32 are short model in the line of digital poi. This short poi has length only 29 cm, which is suitable for performing technically advanced performance with elements such as spirals, wraps and even orbitals. 32 LEDs mounted as close as possible to each other and create a clear and high-detailed image. Brightness of these poi is also exceed brightness of fire!

Order digital poi Ignis Pixel now and get free LED poi!


With sicnere believe in your perfert planes when you spin poi =)
Ignis Team 

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Reviews about us

I recently purchased a 2 sets of Digital Poi: The 160 HD LED and the 48HD LED poi! These props are absolutely amazing mind melting epic! The image quality is outstanding :) But what makes Ignis shop really good is their amazing customer service and support. I had a million questions before buying these props and they were all answered almost instantly. Ignis for life ;)

Bruno Kopf, Austria

Buying from Australia and had so many questions. These guys kept me informed about postage, shipping and all other information I could ask for. It shipped quickly and the fire fans I purchased are even more beautiful in real life than what is advertised on their website. They are obviously durable, well made and they are beautiful fire fans. I don't think I'll buy my fire props from anywhere else in the world. Thank you Russia for Ignis!!

Sera-Jane Ghaly, Australia

I ordered LED Ignis Poi - remained extremely satisfied! 84 modes makes each performance truly unique! It is also very pleased with the excellent organized customer feedback by ignis-shop - the status of the order can be found very quickly and in different ways. I'm very glad that I found this store and now I advise it everyone!

Ilya Kashin

Well I took my fan-lotuses :) Just gorgeous! Long dreamed about such geometry, but nowhere found with seven wicks. Guys, thank you very much for realizing my dream!)) Light, beautiful, comfortable, in a word - excellent! We order in your store not the first time, everything has very high quality! Thank you for what you have! Order for a second pair of LED poi is on the approach. Only Ignis!

Natalia Didenko

(These reviews were translated from Russian)

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