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  5 issues

Which fire and LED performers encounter when buying props for performance

  • Low quality

Since a lot of props are made by hands you can get poor quality props or messily assembled by "curve hands". Somewhere wick is deformed, somewhere sharp edges hurt your hands, somewhere seam breaks, or everything looks crooked and oblique.

  • Uncomfortable props

Often you need to modify props for youself after purchasing it. 

  • No warranty

Some sellers provide no warranty on their props.

  • Low brightness

Hard to impress the audience. You have to show difficult tricks to somehow entertain the audience. Furthermore far not every viewer is able to appreciate your technique level and difficulty of your tricks.

  • Hard to make

Those who dared to make props for youself encounter a lot of problems, spend a lot of time an nerves. And in this case usually it takes several attempts to get something workable and worthful. Total amount of money, time and efforts you spent becomes quite huge. Game is not worth the candle.

  8 reasons

Why you will be satisfied by purchasing our props and will recommend us to your friends

  • More than 3000 satisfied customers

We have over three thousand of customers from many countries. Reviews by some of them

  • Pixel props record holders

We developed world first 80-pixel digital poi (160 LEDs per poi) in November 2013.

By July 2014 we succeed in world's first 160-pixel digital poi (320 LEDs per poi).

And we are still the only one who produce digital poi with resolution 160 pixels.

  • Easy to place order and pay

We deliver worldwide. You can pay your order instantly by PayPal.

  • Keep you informed

We inform you by e-mail about the current state of your order and send you tracking number after sending your order.

  • High Quality

High quality of our props is one of our main priorities. We are responsible for quality and control it at all stages of props production.

  • Convenience and reliability of props

For more than 5 years of experience, development and regular feedback from our customers we lead our props to high level of convenience and reliability.

  • Warranty

We provide manufacturer warranty which applies to all our products and valid from 2 months to lifetime. Furthermore we provide 30-days moneyback warranty if some of props doesn't fit you.

  • Superbrightness

Easy way to impress the audience is to show them a lot of fire and light. We have props with extremely high brightness. For the first time we present  LED props considerably exceeding the brightness of fire props! It has no analogues both brightness and functionality!

These teams and circuses perform with our props:

Fire Props

Огненный реквизит: пои, веера, стаффы, эксклюзив


LED Props

Светодиодный реквизит: светодиодные пои, светодиодные веера, светодиодные стаффы

Training Props

Тренировочный реквизит: тренировочные пои, тренировочные стаффы


Components and Accessories

Комплектующие и аксессуары: комплектующие к пои, кевлар, керамоволокно


Popular products 


High resolution digital poi Ignis Pixel 160 HD

Старая цена: 114 900 rub.

96 900 rub.

1 590 $


High resolution digital poi Ignis Pixel 48 HD (short)

Старая цена: 58 900 rub.

29 900 rub.

590 $


LED digital poi Ignis Pixel 80 Long

Старая цена: 86 900 rub.

74 900 rub.

1 190 $

LED poi Ignis Poi

9 990 rub.

210 $


Training Tennis Poi Lite

Старая цена: 690 rub.

590 rub. - 790 rub.

8 $ - 11 $

Buy now


Digital nunchaku Ignis Pixel 48 HD

Старая цена: 58 900 rub.

29 900 rub.

590 $


Pixel staff transformer handle (poi-to-staff connector)

Старая цена: 4 000 rub.

2 990 rub.

50 $


LED digital poi Ignis Pixel 80 HD

Старая цена: 70 900 rub.

61 900 rub.

990 $


Ignis Pixel 200 HD (400 LEDs)

Старая цена: 129 900 rub.

118 900 rub.

1 890 $


Ignis Pixel 32 Lite (64 LEDs) + staff adapter + radio + training dummies.

Старая цена: 33 900 rub.

28 900 rub.

469 $


Встроенный радиомодуль

Старая цена: 5 500 rub.

2 000 rub.

35 $


You can buy in our webstore poi, comets, fans, staves, both LED and fire, with worldwide shipping. We also have the largest selection of pixel props, and 5 sizes of comet poi! You'll definitely find what you want!

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Reviews about us

I recently purchased a 2 sets of Digital Poi: The 160 HD LED and the 48HD LED poi! These props are absolutely amazing mind melting epic! The image quality is outstanding :) But what makes Ignis shop really good is their amazing customer service and support. I had a million questions before buying these props and they were all answered almost instantly. Ignis for life ;)

Bruno Kopf, Austria

Buying from Australia and had so many questions. These guys kept me informed about postage, shipping and all other information I could ask for. It shipped quickly and the fire fans I purchased are even more beautiful in real life than what is advertised on their website. They are obviously durable, well made and they are beautiful fire fans. I don't think I'll buy my fire props from anywhere else in the world. Thank you Russia for Ignis!!

Sera-Jane Ghaly, Australia

I ordered LED Ignis Poi - remained extremely satisfied! 84 modes makes each performance truly unique! It is also very pleased with the excellent organized customer feedback by ignis-shop - the status of the order can be found very quickly and in different ways. I'm very glad that I found this store and now I advise it everyone!

Ilya Kashin

Well I took my fan-lotuses :) Just gorgeous! Long dreamed about such geometry, but nowhere found with seven wicks. Guys, thank you very much for realizing my dream!)) Light, beautiful, comfortable, in a word - excellent! We order in your store not the first time, everything has very high quality! Thank you for what you have! Order for a second pair of LED poi is on the approach. Only Ignis!

Natalia Didenko

(These reviews were translated from Russian)

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